It’s Tuesday – Day 9

It’s Tuesday! Day 9

TODAY: Tracy’s day today was one of discomfort, pain and anxiety. She keeps us busy as we tend to her. And the process for her to communicate is the most frustrating part for her – and us! It can take several minutes to get to the right word or sentence. She is much sharper than all of us! We clearly need to take a few spelling lessons. There are times when she desperately tries to mouth words, but because of the intubation it’s hard to read her lips. So at one point today, she scolded me as she had me spell out “Don’t say ‘ya’ if you don’t understand me”! I was busted. I apologized saying I was tired of spelling out the words, trying to figure out what she was trying to say – and then quickly stopped myself! Who am I to complain? I have nothing to complain about.

CRITICAL CARE: The Critical Care Unit at Sunnybrook is a place of sorrow, pain, suffering, triumph and miracles. Everyone has a story to tell. We have met some of the families whose loved ones are also spending time in critical care. Several who haven’t or won’t make it out, and others who have or will be moving on. Today they moved out the  young man who was pronounced braindead yesterday. Sadly he was only 28 years old but the good of this story is that the family agreed to donate all of his organs. The nurse said he will likely save at least 4 lives, and enhance the lives of several more.

FAMILY: The respiratory therapist today asked me how I was related to Tracy. I said I’m Tracy’s older sister and I’m in the middle – Lynn is the oldest and Tracy is the baby. She asked “you must be close”? I thought for a moment “Were we”? ….I replied and said we weren’t close enough, but we definitely are now!

LESSONS: So many lessons to be learned. So much to be grateful for. So many things we focus on that don’t matter. So quickly it can all change. So many devastated hearts. So much more to learn!

Good night and God Bless