Disappointing Day

Today they were supposed to do a tracheotomy for Tracy, but were not able to do the procedure because her breathing had worsened, and she has some fluid in her lungs/chest. The good news is that they moved her to a much quieter area of the critical care unit which seems to have helped her to be a little less anxious. I wasn’t there for very long today as Lynn did a long stint from 6 30 am to almost 3 pm and then Tracy’s friend Shirlee came in with Mom followed by Cash joining Shirlee into the evening.

FRIENDS: We laugh, we play, we gossip, we joke, we cry, we party, we hug, we cheer, we sing, we praise, we part, we reunite….but what I’m learning is that true friends are brave – they LOVE, SUPPORT, COMFORT, CARE and CHERISH each other!!!

RANDOM ENCOUNTERS: I have had some very interesting and poignant encounters with strangers since this horrific accident happend. Yesterday I was in the elevator leaving to go home after a very hard day with Tracy. It was just myself and another lady who was already on the elevator. Out of nowhere she looked at me and paused for a moment and said “I bet you wish you were at the place where you got that terrific tan, right now”? It was as if she knew … I replied by saying “yes, I also wish I could rewind the clock”.