Update on Tracy from Lesley

Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of love and prayers for my sister Tracy. We have all been overwhelmed by your compassion and caring!

It will be a week tomorrow that Tracy had her cycling accident. Tracy remains in the critical care unit at Sunnybrook Hospital where she will be for several months.

Our family has rallied! Mom and Dad flew in from Ottawa on Sunday night, Lynn flew in from St. Louis on Monday afternoon, followed by Darren on Thursday night, and luckily Robert and I live here – so I was able to be with her after she was airlifted to Toronto on Sunday.

Mom and Lynn are living at Tracy’s house taking care of her boys – Christian 13, Malcolm 11 and Thomas 7. Lynn has done a terrific job of organizing the boys with back to school and trying to normalize things with routine.  She is amazing! Thankfully Gladys – Tracy’s nanny/housekeeper – remains a constant.  They are a loving handful those 3 little guys!

We are all taking shifts sitting by Tracy’s bedside at the hospital. The good news is that Tracy is still Tracy!  She is definitely giving all of the nurses and doctors a run for their money. She does not like the intubation that is helping her breath, and has much anxiety. She is keeping us all on our toes! We’ve developed a way to communicate with her – it’s a bit tedious and slow, and she often gets frustrated with us but it is working – for now.

What you can do:

TRUST FUND: We are going to be setting up a Trust Fund for Tracy and her boy’s care. Tracy is a single Mom and her ex-husband does not provide her or the boys any financial support. . We hope to have the information for yoU by the end of this coming week.

GOOD OLD CANADA POST SNAIL MAIL: Please send cards and notes – and write down a memorable time you spent with Tracy – funny, touching, or otherwise. Include a photo. If you don’t know Tracy directly but know someone in our family – include the information about the relationship. We are going to take them to the hospital and read them to her – so please keep them UPBEAT!  MAILING ADDRESS: ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2

NO FLOWERS please.

VISITORS: We are allowing close friends and family to visit. The CCU is a very restricted area. If you would like to visit Tracy please send an email to me – Lesley.dort@rogers.com. And if/when the time is right we will make arrangements. We hope to eventually to use Skype and Facebook.

FOOD: Thank you! Yes we have already received some yummy packages along with many other generous offers to provide food for family and boys. We are accepting the offers but are trying to manage it. She does have a freezer.

With love and appreciation,

Lesley and Robert

lesley.dort@rogers.com rlendvai@gmail.com