Tracy Dort and son Christian

The Best 5 Minutes I’ve Ever Spent with Tracy

Lesley got an email yesterday from Tammy Comish, a friend of Tracy’s. Tammy had just visited The Lyndhurst Centre the same time as Tracy was visiting with her boys. We loved her note and thought we’d share it with you. Christian is the oldest of Tracy’s kids.


“I wanted to share a heart warming story that I watched take place between Christian and Tracy.

Christian kept turning on his iPad while he was visiting Tracy yesterday. Tracy was getting frustrated with him, repeatedly telling him to turn it off and talk to her. Then Christian started to play an iPad game with his nose! He wanted to see if it was possible to play the game without hands. He then asked Tracy to try it. Tracy was up for it. She played the game and killed 4 of the bad guys, beating Christians record of 3 bad guys. Christian had a HUGE smile on his face as he watched Tracy play his game!

It was the best 5 minutes, I have ever spent with Tracy. I wish you could have seen it. It makes you realize that there will be happy times to come.”[/box]

I hope you’ll share this post with others via FaceBook or Twitter. We’ve created a special Twitter account for Tracy and you can follow by just clicking on the FOLLOW ME link on the left side of this page. We’re calling her new Twitter handle ” TEAM_TRACY” as the care of Tracy and her kids truly is a team effort of family and friends.

Also, let us know how you felt after reading this post….we all love hearing your comments.

  • Ariana

    I agree with Bette! I loved this post. New nod to the nose. Nice job Christian.

  • Laura (Berry) Taverner

    Love it! Leave it to our Aspie’s to look at something from a different perspective, we can learn so much from them. :)
    I have been following Tracy’s story and haven’t posted until now. I remember Tracy from S.R.B. and was saddened to hear of her life changing injury. Having four kiddos myself & living with Asperger’s makes me understand how difficult, stressful, crazy & rewarding Tracy’s life is without having to deal with a catastrophic injury. She has a wonderful support system and I wish her all the best. Much love to Tracy, her boys, family & friends.

  • http://Facebook Michelle Mohammed

    I spent some quality with Tracey as a PSW assisting her,she is an absolutely amazing woman with great spirit an strength. It’s amazing that she was able to interact with her son she has come along way, I am proud of her as a care giver.

  • Claudette Chambers

    God Bless you Tracy and dont give up hope he will see you through.

  • Julia Hannan

    It’s truly amazing that despite such disabilities Tracy can still interact, play and be there with her kids. In the future i will be excited to see all that Tracy will achieve with the personality and skills that Tracy still retains. Don’t give up on normality. I still believe that Tracy will be of great value in her work, friendship and as a mother. Tracy can still play with them, guide them, read to them, eat with them etc etc. Don’t give up Tracy… despite the huge adaptations you will need to live with you can still do it all. All the best, Shirley’s neighbour x

  • Bette

    That’s awesome! Kids always find simple solutions to life’s problems. Who needs hands when you have your nose to play your ipad game!! Thanks for sharing.