A Month Without Eating Real Food

Mack (Tracy’s Dad) and I went to see Tracy earlier today. It was his first time having to deal with Tracy’s morning routine of face washing, followed by tooth and hair brushing and lastly some face cream. Tracy knows how she likes things done and if you’re not up to snuff she’ll let you have it. While it may have taken two us, I think we did alright.

Tracy’s trache was permanently removed yesterday and she’s completely breathing on her own. That’s fantastic news and another key milestone in her recovery. Her Doctors had warned us just three weeks ago that she would likely be on a mechanical ventilator for the rest of her life.

And today was another really important milestone in her progress at Sunnybrook — the swallow test. It’s been over a month since Tracy has eaten any real food. Ever since her accident, Tracy has been fed through a tube in her nose. While Mack and I were there, Tracy’s speech pathologist came to see her. He examined her and then proceeded to take Tracy through a series of swallow tests. First a teaspoon of water. Next a sip from a straw. Then it was onto applesauce and fruit salad, and lastly a couple of biscuits to which Tracy declared, “they’re stale.”  The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and at the end of it the Doctor declared that she was ready to start eating regular food again. When the nurse asked if she had any food allergies or preferences for lunch, Tracy said, “I’d prefer not to eat hospital food.”

So Mark McEwan, if you’re reading this, can you get on that please. Sounds like Tracy would prefer an order of Lobster Poutine from Bymark to a couple of slices of Wonder Bread with a piece of process cheese.

Lesley was at Track Fitness yesterday to support their two-hour Spin for Tracy fund raiser. Amazingly, they raised about $10,000 for the Trust Account. Thank you to everyone that sweated their asses off last night. We all know that Tracy loved to train hard and she would been screaming at everyone in the room to go for it…