Tracy Meets her Hero

His name is Mike Hermanovsky. He is a 21 year old young man attending Sir Wilfred Laurier University and in his free time he is the Ontario downhill mountain bike champ! Yesterday he visited with Tracy – meeting her for the second time. It’s the kind of stuff that movies are made of!

Who is Mike? He is the kind of person we all want our children to grow up to be like. He represents a kind of humanity that the world seems to be missing.

He didn’t keep going that day, as many did.

He didn’t hesitate or stand still, as many did.

He didn’t decide it was someone else’s responsibility, as others did.

He did stop and take notice. He did stay and help. He did stabilize her neck. He did talk to her. He did find out her name was Tracy. And, most importantly he cared! If you haven’t already you need to read Mike’s thoughts on his experience helping Tracy that day.

He is Tracy’s hero. They chatted for a while, and toward the end of the visit she said “Too bad this happened, because I really would have like you to teach me how to mountain bike, that was next on my list”. They talked about fitness and work outs, about how and where he found her, about school, about his future plans, and of course Tracy asked him if he had a girlfriend! It was like any other conversation between friends, but this one was much more significant. A connection was made on Sunday September 4th – a bond like no other – it was kismet!

How’s Tracy Doing

She’s already defied many of the odds. She is getting ahead in this new “race” of hers. She is breathing on her own during the day, and the respiratory therapist told us she may even lose the trache altogether by next week. She was moved into the “ward” (C5). No more intensive care unit. She has her own private room with a big window and lots of privacy. It’s easier to sleep at night, but it’s harder to get the attention of the nursing staff. The ratio of nurses to patient is 1 nurse to every 6 patients. They are busy and priorities are determined by biggest need. So, we decided to hire a “PSW” (nurse’s aide) to be with Tracy overnight.  Everyone rests easier with this extra help.

Today Tracy stated that she’ll be at Lyndhurst in two weeks. She is determined. She has some challenges to overcome before she gets there and many more after that, but we all believe in her! Mom attributes her strength and success to the many prayer groups and personal prayers going straight to Heaven.


  1. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your Caringbridge or Facebook posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2
  2. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.
  3. VISIT – Email Lynn at with VISIT TRACY in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. And remember it’s a “working visit”, not a sit around and read a magazine kind of visit.
  4. SPIN FOR TRACY  – Thursday, October 6th – 7:00pm – 9:00pm Reserve your spot with Monica at TRACK Fitness
  5. RIDE for TRACY – Sunday October 16th – 9:00am– Meet at Fisher Field  in Collingwood –For more info: Alan Lo
  6. GRATITUDE – Thank you to all her visitors. Thank you for the cards. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the food, the drives, the calls and the prayers. Thank you!