Media Attention

CBC, CTV, Global, Rick Hansen, NewsTALK 1010’s Mike Bullard have all interviewed, videotaped, photographed and spent time with Tracy over the past few weeks. The Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper, even put her on the front page as part of a major report on catastrophic injuries. She has become an awesome spokesperson and advocate for those living with spinal cord injuries. She enjoys the limelight, thrives on the attention and rises to the occasion each time. It is what has fuelled her each day. It has given her a reason to have her hair blow dried and her make up applied. It keeps her mind occupied and off of the pain, the paralysis, the prognosis and the future.

So, what happens when all the “hoopla” dies down. Where will her thoughts go when the lights, the cameras and the reporters go away? What “stage” of grieving is she really in? Could it be denial? We talk of her strength, her spirit and her being inspirational. But are we – her family – also in denial? Are we fooling ourselves?

September 4th to November 13 – 70 days, 2 and a half months, 10 weeks – that’s all it’s been since she had her accident. Is that enough time to process that for the rest of her life she will be confined to a wheelchair? Is it enough time to understand how dependant she will be forever more on others for everything. Can she really have grasped the notion of her “new normal”? And how will she cope if or when she does? Or am I wrong, and she’s already moved past this? I do hope that’s the case.

There’s always Hope

There are many people we’ve met since this happened, some who have been injured or paralyzed themselves, some who practice in the field of SCI patients, and others who are related to, or know someone with paralysis – but one common thread in the conversation is you’ve gotta have HOPE! It’s the “Secret” – that life is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe and put your mind into a positive space you will achieve your goals. The doctors are not always right and have often been proven wrong by tenacious, strong minded, determined patients who overcome the odds and can now use their arms, use their hands or even walk!! We have hope for Tracy and I know she has the drive to prove all the textbooks wrong!


I realized that I have not said THANK YOU in my recent posts. I want you all to know how incredibly grateful we are for the generosity and compassion of everyone around us – friends, family and strangers. We can’t thank you enough for your: donations, your visits with Tracy, your support, your prayers, your notes, your calls, your willingness to pitch in and your caring. It is this positive energy that helps us all to keep going. We could NOT do it without you! Words don’t seem to express our enormous feelings of gratitude and appreciation. God Bless


I want to send a shout out to my sister Lynn Pang. The oldest of the Dort girls. Lynn has moved to Toronto from St. Louis, given up her life to become the main caregiver for Tracy’s three boys. She has been cooking (so good!), caring, driving, nurturing, nursing and loving Tracy’s boys since the accident. She helps with homework, meets with teachers, organizes activities and plans ahead for all things kid- related. She has become their advocate and their protector. I don’t know what we’d do without her selflessness.Thank you Lynn! xo


I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention how much my wonderful husband – Robert Lendvai - has done to help Tracy. He’s the marketing genius/social media expert behind this website and her Twitter profile. He’s the one who set up the online donation mechanism, he’s become the finance manager, the car salesman, the PR/Media Manager, the go-to for all things fundraising. He has lifted me up on the bad days and cheered me on, on the good days. He’s always thinking about how he can help and what’s next on the list. I can’t thank him enough! How lucky I am. xo

– Tomorrow is a new day –

les :-)


  • pat crawford

    Can’t help to be thinking of you all, although many miles away, at this special Christmas Time of year! With miracles all around us… everyone reaching out, feeling gratitude and enjoying the “spirit”, I will tell you… you are not forgotten. All so fortunate in so many ways, and then many with bigger “crosses” to carry than others… I read Darren’s post and it hit the nail on the head. Realizing what we’re made of in times of trial show the true colors of one. And your “colors” are vibrant in all of you. The boys faces are so wonderful too to see as it just shows the way they are being “fed” physically and emotionally at a horrific time in their lives. So proud of Everyone! Keep up the strength and just know you’re still with us and admired. Merry Christmas and great big hugs… just from a friend of Lynn’s in St. Louis

  • Angie Iaquinta

    Hi Tracy, I heard your story through friends and I saw you on tv. Your injury broke my heart. Two years ago I have a nephew he was playing high school football first game of the year first play and Paul my nephew collided with another kid he broke his c5 and is a quad. I was shattered but I thought feeling sorry for him did not help him but support and positive energy did. Paul is an extraordinary child, he did a ton of research and he found an institute in detroit that did tromendous things for him and other people. Through great effort and support he now walks with a walker all though every doctor told us we had false hope and we were wasting our money in the states he now walks by these doctors with his walker. I just want to let you know that you should never give up. I will follow your jouney.

  • Jackie

    You’re all amazing. Keep up the fight, you’ve come so far already in such a short time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to provide heart felt updates. Thinking & praying for you all everyday.

  • pat crawford

    Lesley and Lynn…. you are both doing a phenomenal job! Think of you all so often… miss our good friend Lynn in St. Louis and so proud of all you are doing. Hope one day we can visit and “somehow” be of some kind of help. Know your posts are read, your pain is felt, many prayers are offered… and although many miles apart, you’re in our hearts. Tracy, you look beautiful in your pictures. What strength and progress. I’m sure the boys are being well cared for as well and, especially, eating very well… cause we know what a good cook Lynn is!;) Here’s to HOPE…and food for the soul!

  • Gail Brown

    I am so happy to see how far Tracy has come. I continue to pray that the Holy Spirit of Our Lord will continue to keep on healing Tracy. Joan & Mack my love to both of you as always. I know it is quite comforting for Tracy to know that everyone in the family is there for her. I will keep watching her progress. Tell Tracy to keep praying & to know that Our Lord Jesus lives in her & will keep her going.

  • Bette

    Your family has really come together and worked as a team. I need to thank YOU for keeping us updated on this blog and giving us the honest, raw truth. It will be interesting to see where Tracy’s life will lead her in the next 6 monts, and years as she finds her new “normal”. I do know that she will keep fighting and working hard. Her accident has changed how I look at life.

  • http://vikkiruby.blogspot.com Vikki Ruby

    Thank you for the updates – and for the constant reality check.

    In the past 70 days, when I am discouraged about something, or things don’t go quite as I wanted them to, I am reminded of Tracy.

    It is wonderful that your family has rallied so incredibly to support Tracy and eachother.

    Joan & Mack we love you and miss you.

  • nancy

    All of you truly amaze us!!!