A Very Different Birthday Party

Tracy turned 42 last Saturday. It was obviously a very melancholy day for our family. Here’s an email that Tracy’s friend Tammy Comish sent me about a party her wonderful girlfriends organized for her at Lyndhurst Hospital. I loved her note and thought we’d share it with you.


[box] Hi Lesley, I wanted to share with you, my thoughts on Tracy’s birthday! As I was driving to attend Tracy’s birthday party on Friday night, I found myself flashing back to a year ago, when I was attending Tracy 40th birthday (for the 2nd time, lol!)

Tracy Dort-Kyne Birthday Party


What a difference a year makes.

Last year we celebrated with a yoga class, snowshoeing, a trip to the Spa and dinner. Then the following night a big party at Shirlee’s!

This year was so different, but so much more meaningful.

I was so happy to be among 10 incredible, caring women who have shown what a true friend will do when things get tough! These friendships are a testimony to what an incredible person your sister Tracy is!

I continue to be thankful for your incredible family and all these “true friends” for carrying and loving Tracy — the same way she would if it were one of us that was hurt.

I am still not convinced there is a reason that this accident happened. But on days like Tracy’s birthday it makes me thankful for Family and Friends.

Love Tammy[/box]

  • Brenda Grey

    Thank you for sharring this and please send your mom my love.

  • Kim Ionson Taylor

    Tracy I think of you so often and would love to visit you. Happy Birthday. Love the photo with you and the girls, just wonderful. Just after Thanksgiving I found a “bump” in my little booby and yup you got it was cancer. I am half way through my chemo and have a busy year ahead. Again, I would love to visit you one of these days hope that you get this message and we can plan a visit. Speak soon. Kim

  • Andrea Berni

    Hi Lesley, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful story. As I’ve gone through my life, I’ve always thought that good friends are very hard to find, and I’ve been right. Tracy is blessed to have so many good friends surrounding her to celebrate her special day. What a beautiful group of ladies.

    I was wondering, how is the Nanny search coming along?


    • lesley

      Hey Andrea!

      Thanks for your note! Lynn worked with an agency and we found someone!! and we think we have someone for part time weekends too! It will make a huge difference – allowing Mom and Lynn to go home for longer periods of time.

      thanks for caring