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Join The Team Tracy Cycling Group

A cycling group called ‘Team Tracy’ is being created to participate in The Centurion 50 mile ride in Collingwood on September 16, 2012. It is wide open for anyone to join…and all levels of riders are welcome. Tracy’s friends Debbie Gray and Jeff Chalmers have graciously offered to help put the wheels in motion.

Tracy loved to ride and it was during her training for The Centurion that she had her accident. It is Tracy’s wish for people to come together to ride in this event to share the experience she had worked so hard to prepare for. To help you get ready, we will be organizing regular mid-week training/recreational rides, affiliating Team Tracy with a local bike shop for support and service, and raising funds for Tracy’s Trust through the design and sale of an amazing Team Tracy Cycling jersey.

To make The Team Tracy Cycling Group a reality we are looking for a few volunteers to fill these positions:

  1. Corporate donation liaison
  2. Bike shop liaison for coordinating group rides, etc.
  3. Communications person for a Team Tracy Cycling Group website/blog

If you are interested in helping with any of these roles, or if you are interested in joining Team Tracy, please contact Debbie Gray (debbie.gray@sympatico.ca) or Jeff Chalmers (jeff.chalmers@noranco.com)

Here’s a little taste of The Centurion experience from last year. We hope you’ll ride with us!

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Team Tracy Cycling Group

Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Please bookmark www.tracydortkyne.com as we’ll be posting future updates here.
  2. TRACY wants VISITORS!! – Send an Email with “Visit Tracy”in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. Tracy is enjoying all her visits. Let’s keep ‘em coming! It’s great for her spirits.
  3. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON M4N 1X2
  4. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.
  5. FUNDRAISING RIDE for TRACY – Sunday October 16th – 9:00am- Meet at Fisher Field in Collingwood – For more info: Alan Lo cyclefitoakville@hotmail.com
  6. FUNDRAISING BREATHE & MOVE for TRACY – Sunday October 23rd – 10:00 am (90 mins) Moksha Yoga Uptown To register email: Holly hchapman@astral.com

SOooo MUCH GRATITUDE – THANK YOU to everyone at TRACK Fitness and all the amazing “spinners” for raising almost $10,000 for Tracy on Thursday night!!! Truly remarkable!

5 STAGES – I want to explain why I haven’t written for a while, and my incredible husband Robert has been keeping you updated with his posts. The truth is that I was angry. I know – How selfish of me, right? But, one of my good friends reminded me the other day that Tracy and our whole family will experience the “Five Stages of Grief” – and likely not at all at the same time. According Kubler Ross these 5 stages are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Indeed my friend was right. We are all grieving the loss of the life Tracy had, and the life we had. The active mother, daughter, friend, sister, workout fanatic that she used to be! Why was I angry?

ANGRY – I was angry because I didn’t understand why she had to train for such a big race on a road that is a mountain. I was angry because our family is exhausted. I was angry because I didn’t feel she was appreciative. I was angry because I felt that she put her fitness first. I was angry because she left us sorting out and organizing many of her affairs. I was angry because hers was not a simple straightforward life. I was angry because the boys have already been through so much and don’t deserve any more traumas. I was angry because (…and this part I’m embarrassed to admit…) my life is not my own anymore, and never will be – and every minute of every day we are all thinking about Tracy’s care, Tracy’s kids, Tracy’s needs and Tracy’s future.

MOM – And then my Mom hit the wall and was sick late last week, and my selfish anger started to fade away as I realized how very lucky I am, and how much more I needed to step up. In a quiet moment – I reflected about it – not from my selfish angry sister perspective – but from a Mom’s perspective. What would it be like for me if it was my Abby lying in that hospital bed with no way to scratch her nose? No way to brush her own teeth? No way to brush her hair? No way to ever hug again? No way to write her own name? No way to lift a cup of water? ….no way … no way …NO WAY…. !!!! I couldn’t even think about it!!

So, I took over the early morning shift that Mom’s been doing all along, and spent Saturday morning with Tracy for her wake up routine. She was cranky and in pain, but she guided myself and the nurse through her morning rituals – brush her hair, move her up, move her over, adjust her pillow (but please take off your gloves! – the silicone gloves catch and pull her hair, and not all the nurses are obliging of this request if you can believe it!!?), wash her face, give her meds, brush her teeth, give her water (one that’s cold to swish, one that’s room temp to drink because it hurts too much to swallow when it’s icy cold), move her feet over etc etc.. We worked together and as I did all this, my anger was washed away by compassion.

TIME TO EAT – On this Thanksgiving Sunday ….just imagine not having eaten or chewed food in over a month!? Tracy’s first full official day with a “regular menu” was yesterday – so, as one would expect on Saturday morning she didn’t have much of an appetite and we had to take the tray away. But later that day she had a bit of soup for lunch, and then for dinner a little of Lynn’s homemade lemon chicken. Yay! Except today is not a good day and she’s not terribly interested in eating today. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!

As you share prayers of gratitude this Thanksgiving weekend, please do give praise for the food, but also remember to give praise for the smaller things – the things we all take for granted – the ability to – raise a fork to your mouth, wipe your lips with a napkin, bring yourself to the table, set the table, lick your fingers with pie on them, hold hands in prayer, pick up the dishes to clear the table ….

Every day we learn a new lesson. It’s what we do with it that changes us!

Much love and a huge amount of appreciation!

Les xo

A Month Without Eating Real Food

Mack (Tracy’s Dad) and I went to see Tracy earlier today. It was his first time having to deal with Tracy’s morning routine of face washing, followed by tooth and hair brushing and lastly some face cream. Tracy knows how she likes things done and if you’re not up to snuff she’ll let you have it. While it may have taken two us, I think we did alright.

Tracy’s trache was permanently removed yesterday and she’s completely breathing on her own. That’s fantastic news and another key milestone in her recovery. Her Doctors had warned us just three weeks ago that she would likely be on a mechanical ventilator for the rest of her life.

And today was another really important milestone in her progress at Sunnybrook — the swallow test. It’s been over a month since Tracy has eaten any real food. Ever since her accident, Tracy has been fed through a tube in her nose. While Mack and I were there, Tracy’s speech pathologist came to see her. He examined her and then proceeded to take Tracy through a series of swallow tests. First a teaspoon of water. Next a sip from a straw. Then it was onto applesauce and fruit salad, and lastly a couple of biscuits to which Tracy declared, “they’re stale.”  The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and at the end of it the Doctor declared that she was ready to start eating regular food again. When the nurse asked if she had any food allergies or preferences for lunch, Tracy said, “I’d prefer not to eat hospital food.”

So Mark McEwan, if you’re reading this, can you get on that please. Sounds like Tracy would prefer an order of Lobster Poutine from Bymark to a couple of slices of Wonder Bread with a piece of process cheese.

Lesley was at Track Fitness yesterday to support their two-hour Spin for Tracy fund raiser. Amazingly, they raised about $10,000 for the Trust Account. Thank you to everyone that sweated their asses off last night. We all know that Tracy loved to train hard and she would been screaming at everyone in the room to go for it…


It’s been 3 weeks since Tracy had her accident

Before I share my latest visit stories with you, I have a note from my parents Mack and Joan Dort.


Thank you! We are so grateful for all of your posts, notes, emails and prayers. They have meant so much to us. After a long day with the boys, or in the hospital with Tracy, or for Dad alone in Ottawa working – being able to sit down and read comforting, kind and reassuring words from friends and family helps us to get through each day. God bless!


1.      WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your Caringbridge or Facebook posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2

2.      GIVE  –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort-Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.

3.      VISIT – Email Lynn at lynn@panger.ca with VISIT TRACY in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. And remember it’s a “working visit”.

TRACY’s Friday Adventure

On Friday afternoon when we got to the hospital the nurse asked Abby and I to leave because they were going to move Tracy from her bed to the “chair”, and then we could take her for a walk – outside! Again! She had done it the day before with her friend Bette. We were excited, even though it was a rainy day.

When we went back in after they moved her, the nurse was adjusting the oxygen tank on the back of the chair. I started assessing the “chair” and decided it was to be renamed the “Little House on the Prairie” wheelchair. Picture it. A very high back with HUGE wheels – like wagon wheels, no sides or arm rests to speak of. But! We didn’t care we were going outside!

The nurse started wheeling Tracy down the hall only to discover that the wheels on this chair were like a bad IKEA shopping cart, left was right and right was left. We bumped and grinded down the halls – giggling along the way, to the elevator and eventually outside. Our nurse was sweet but timid, so Tracy wanted me to let her know she is “adventurous” and to “go for it”.  And that we did. We stopped and Tracy sat for a few minutes looking up at the cloudy sky, she said “wow, they are moving so fast”.

We turned around to go back in and realized a little too late that we were going a little fast! Oops!…. and poor sweet Tracy started to topple sideways out of the chair (remember no arms or sides…J.) Abby rescued her and we adjusted her back into her chair. She took it all in stride with a smile on her face while we profusely apologized.

It was in that moment – of her falling sideways – that “it” really hit me!


We learned today that after a roller coaster ride in CCU, tomorrow Tracy will be moved to B5. All the docs and nurses are amazed at how quickly she has progressed!  YAY Tracy!

God bless,