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It’s been 3 weeks since Tracy had her accident

Before I share my latest visit stories with you, I have a note from my parents Mack and Joan Dort.


Thank you! We are so grateful for all of your posts, notes, emails and prayers. They have meant so much to us. After a long day with the boys, or in the hospital with Tracy, or for Dad alone in Ottawa working – being able to sit down and read comforting, kind and reassuring words from friends and family helps us to get through each day. God bless!


1.      WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your Caringbridge or Facebook posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2

2.      GIVE  –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort-Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.

3.      VISIT – Email Lynn at lynn@panger.ca with VISIT TRACY in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. And remember it’s a “working visit”.

TRACY’s Friday Adventure

On Friday afternoon when we got to the hospital the nurse asked Abby and I to leave because they were going to move Tracy from her bed to the “chair”, and then we could take her for a walk – outside! Again! She had done it the day before with her friend Bette. We were excited, even though it was a rainy day.

When we went back in after they moved her, the nurse was adjusting the oxygen tank on the back of the chair. I started assessing the “chair” and decided it was to be renamed the “Little House on the Prairie” wheelchair. Picture it. A very high back with HUGE wheels – like wagon wheels, no sides or arm rests to speak of. But! We didn’t care we were going outside!

The nurse started wheeling Tracy down the hall only to discover that the wheels on this chair were like a bad IKEA shopping cart, left was right and right was left. We bumped and grinded down the halls – giggling along the way, to the elevator and eventually outside. Our nurse was sweet but timid, so Tracy wanted me to let her know she is “adventurous” and to “go for it”.  And that we did. We stopped and Tracy sat for a few minutes looking up at the cloudy sky, she said “wow, they are moving so fast”.

We turned around to go back in and realized a little too late that we were going a little fast! Oops!…. and poor sweet Tracy started to topple sideways out of the chair (remember no arms or sides…J.) Abby rescued her and we adjusted her back into her chair. She took it all in stride with a smile on her face while we profusely apologized.

It was in that moment – of her falling sideways – that “it” really hit me!


We learned today that after a roller coaster ride in CCU, tomorrow Tracy will be moved to B5. All the docs and nurses are amazed at how quickly she has progressed!  YAY Tracy!

God bless,