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Tracy is Finally at Peace

Friends, Tracy passed away peacefully last night at Sunnybrook Hospital at 11pm. We are using Facebook to provide updates and share her story. Please follow her journey at facebook.com/tracydort

Thank You Team Tracy 2012

I would like to start the very first blog that I have written on my website by saying Hello and THANK YOU to everyone who has followed my story, creating and participating in my fund-raisers, handling all of my emails, visiting me at the hospital, making dinners for my family, driving my kids to school, creating my website, raising money for and donating to Tracy’s Trust, taking care of my children, providing emotional support and respite to my family members and the lists of Thank You’s goes on!

I  have survived because of all of you. Surviving is hard work. It takes an enormous amount of resources to get me where I am today and everyday! Its busy, its painful, its hard and it can be overwhelmingly stressful. But because of you, (my family, my friends, my supporters et al) I am able to face each day with a positive attitude and something to look forward to.

One of the things I was looking forward to was the Collingwood Centurion 2012, because I had a team, “Team Tracy” that was going to cycle the 50 mile ride in my honor!  This team, “Team Tracy” , was founded to complete the race that I was training for when my accident happened. So…on September 16, 2012 Team Tracy rode in the Centurion 50M ride and on the anniversary of my accident, brought my life full circle and gave me the amazing opportunity to still take part in a sport that I love so much.

Here is the letter that I wrote to Team Tracy to thank them for riding for me:


[box] Dear Team Tracy,

Team Tracy Tracy Dort-KyneI want to THANK all of your for riding for me in the Centurion 2012, 50M ride this past Sunday!

It was a beautiful day and the temperature was on our side.

I have to Thank You for completing my dream. And helping me move forward in my new reality. A year ago today I was in critical care at Sunnybrook hospital unable to speak, unable to move, barely able to communicate. I was only able to communicate by blinking my eyes when someone asked me a question. Blink once for yes and twice for no. At that point I knew I was going to live but I had no idea of the challenges that would be ahead. I live my life One Day At A Time. A lesson I learned from my father and mother. The best advice I have ever been given. I have also learned from my parents that it is important to think positive, to set goals and to look forward as you live one day at a time.

So that’s what I did. Every day I woke up hoping it was just a dream but quickly realizing it was not and I had a choice. I could face the day as a pessimist or an optimist. And every day I chose to be happy and to be grateful. Most of the time it was really easy to be happy because I would wake up to the smiling, but concerned face of either my sister Lynn, my sister Lesley, my Mom or Dad or Robert or Darren.

In those early days this was so meaningful to me. The love I felt from my family kept me going. Their drive, their determination, their love was the fuel for my engine. And knowing that I had three beautiful, wonderful and scared boys at home gave me courage to be brave and always try to have a smile on my face. It wasn’t often that they saw anything but a smile on my face. I was in my family’s embrace and everything was going to be O.K. It had to be for Christian, Malcolm, and Thomas depended on me. My goal was to get better as quickly as possible and every day I fought against all odds to get out of that hospital. I left Sunnybrook in record time for someone with an injury as high up as mine.

Suffice it to say I am a fighter and there aren’t any challenges I am afraid to face. This weekend in Collingwood was very bittersweet for me. Thank you all for your smiles and your hugs and your compliments and your words of encouragement! I would have given anything to be riding with you on Sunday. Honestly I was secretly just a bit jealous of each one of you. This was the race I had trained for when my accident happened. The first year that the Centurion came to Collingwood I entered the 25 mile race. That year, Centurion 2010, I placed 3rd in my age category in the 25 mile and immediately after winning that bronze medal I set a goal to race in the 50 mile next year, Centurion 2011, and try to place top three. I was very excited that the Centurion had come to Collingwood because Collingwood was my second home and it meant that I would be able to race every year. I was very much looking forward to Centurion 2011. However, that was the year I suffered my devastating accident training for the Centurion 2011, 50M race.

So that’s why this year, Centurion 2012, was so important to me. And I am so grateful that you joined Team Tracy and rode in my honor! I had not been back to the village since before my accident. It was exhilarating and exiting to see everyone in their cycling gear with their beautiful bikes their shaved legs and all the toned hard bodies!

I’m proud of all of Team Tracy for completing the race in my honor. It was a privilege for me to be there at the end to congratulate you on completing your own goal! Some of you were daring enough to ride for me without any training at all! I was really impressed with your chutzpah and your courage. And some of you raced for your personal best. All of you making me feel like a superstar! I want to Thank You all for putting smiles on my face. For giving me something to look forward to. And for donating to Tracy’s Trust.

This fundraiser will go far helping me to pay for the overwhelming costs associated with my care. Our inaugural Team Tracy, Centurion 2012 ride was an outstanding success! One which we can build on for years to come! We already have our co-chairs established for next year! Tammy Cavers and Kate Veer have stepped up and offered to co-chair the event next year. It is our hope that we will have lots of new members to Team Tracy and that all of you will come back and ride with Team Tracy again next year in the Centurion 2013!

Yours Truly,

Tracy Dort-Kyne[/box]

One year ago today…

One year ago today Tracy’s life changed in a instant.

“Isolated, by itself, what is a minute? Merely a measurement of time. There are 60 in an hour, 1,440 in a day. At seventeen, I had already ticked off more than 9,000,000 of them in my life.

Yet, in some cosmic plan, this single minute was isolated. Into these particular sixty seconds was compressed more significance than all the millions of minutes marking my life prior to this instant.” from – Joni: An Unforgetable Story by Joni Eareckson Tada

Thank you to everyone who has donated, supported, participated, visited, volunteered and cared!

The journey continues…..

The Next Chapter Begins

It’s been 9 months…

HOMECOMING: Tracy moved out of Lyndhurst Hospital yesterday and back into her house on Ranleigh Avenue to be with her boys. She decided this was the best move for her at this time. Modifications were done to the basement to make it an accessible living space and she now has her own team of personal caregivers.

Tracy Dort-Kyne and her 3 boys

So here’s the scoop….I have not written a blog post over the past few months because my relationship with Tracy (and my Mom) has been very strained. As you can imagine Tracy’s accident turned all of our lives upside down and we all naturally took on the roles best suited to us.

In the beginning we rallied for her without hesitation. It was instinctive. We did what we needed to do to help her survive and made decisions that we all felt would help Tracy have the best quality of care and quality of life possible – all things considered.

We all seem to refer to these past nine months as a “journey” that we are going through. As with many journeys there are, have been and will continue to be bumps in the road, delays, frustration, fatigue, intersections with more than one path – choices!

These are just some of the challenges one encounters on a journey. Combine this with strong personalities, priorities, personal values, temperament and family history and you have a recipe for major turmoil. The “rallying” our family did in the beginning becomes the tearing apart of the family. The crisis that triggered the journey exposes the best and the worst of whom we are as humans – our reluctance to want to forgive, our inability to want to acknowledge our deepest flaws…and so on….

And so the “journey” continues…

I hope for much healing and forgiveness for us all as we move forward.


p.s. While Tracy is now back home, she’s still eager to have visitors. She’s continuing to use Lotsahelpinghands to manage the schedule. You can sign up here to visit Tracy at home!

Tracy has Cool New Wheels!

As some of you already know, Tracy took delivery of a beautiful new MV-1 accessible van last month. The MV-1 is the first factory-built, wheelchair friendly vehicle on the market. Tracy really took her time and looked at many options including van conversions but ultimately decided that the MV-1 was the best solution for her, the family and her caregivers.

I know we don’t say it enough – Thank you. Soooo many of you have generously cycled, planked, stretched, purchased, promoted, and spun to help us raise almost $250,000.

Because of you, Tracy’s Trust Fund was able to cover the $56,000 cost of the van. We’ve also used the Trust Fund to cover the medical training for one of Tracy’s future caregivers, monthly accommodation fees at Lyndhurst, and her physiotherapy with David Frake.

Again, thank you for supporting Tracy. And be sure to give her a honk when you see the MV-1 — it’s hard to miss!

Tracy Dort-Kyne MV-1

Join The Team Tracy Cycling Group

A cycling group called ‘Team Tracy’ is being created to participate in The Centurion 50 mile ride in Collingwood on September 16, 2012. It is wide open for anyone to join…and all levels of riders are welcome. Tracy’s friends Debbie Gray and Jeff Chalmers have graciously offered to help put the wheels in motion.

Tracy loved to ride and it was during her training for The Centurion that she had her accident. It is Tracy’s wish for people to come together to ride in this event to share the experience she had worked so hard to prepare for. To help you get ready, we will be organizing regular mid-week training/recreational rides, affiliating Team Tracy with a local bike shop for support and service, and raising funds for Tracy’s Trust through the design and sale of an amazing Team Tracy Cycling jersey.

To make The Team Tracy Cycling Group a reality we are looking for a few volunteers to fill these positions:

  1. Corporate donation liaison
  2. Bike shop liaison for coordinating group rides, etc.
  3. Communications person for a Team Tracy Cycling Group website/blog

If you are interested in helping with any of these roles, or if you are interested in joining Team Tracy, please contact Debbie Gray (debbie.gray@sympatico.ca) or Jeff Chalmers (jeff.chalmers@noranco.com)

Here’s a little taste of The Centurion experience from last year. We hope you’ll ride with us!

Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

Team Tracy Cycling Group

A Very Different Birthday Party

Tracy turned 42 last Saturday. It was obviously a very melancholy day for our family. Here’s an email that Tracy’s friend Tammy Comish sent me about a party her wonderful girlfriends organized for her at Lyndhurst Hospital. I loved her note and thought we’d share it with you.


[box] Hi Lesley, I wanted to share with you, my thoughts on Tracy’s birthday! As I was driving to attend Tracy’s birthday party on Friday night, I found myself flashing back to a year ago, when I was attending Tracy 40th birthday (for the 2nd time, lol!)

Tracy Dort-Kyne Birthday Party


What a difference a year makes.

Last year we celebrated with a yoga class, snowshoeing, a trip to the Spa and dinner. Then the following night a big party at Shirlee’s!

This year was so different, but so much more meaningful.

I was so happy to be among 10 incredible, caring women who have shown what a true friend will do when things get tough! These friendships are a testimony to what an incredible person your sister Tracy is!

I continue to be thankful for your incredible family and all these “true friends” for carrying and loving Tracy — the same way she would if it were one of us that was hurt.

I am still not convinced there is a reason that this accident happened. But on days like Tracy’s birthday it makes me thankful for Family and Friends.

Love Tammy[/box]