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Life Goes On

It’s the old cliché that we’ve heard a million times, but sadly it is true. The clock nor the calendar stand still for anyone! People must get on with their lives, their work, their families, their day-to-day routines, their social gatherings, their celebrations, their appointments … their “busy“. Slowly the impact of Tracy’s accident is fading for some. Priorities shift. It’s amazing to think that it was only 3 months + 1 week ago on labour day weekend that Tracy’s life changed – along with our entire family.

The difference for Tracy is that the impact of that fateful day is more real than ever. Each day brings unknowns. Each day brings new challenges. Each day staying healthy, well, strong in her mind and her immobile body is paramount to survival. Each day she is completely dependant on others for every aspect of her life. Just imagine.


Tracy’s inspirational attitude comes from within her. She is tenacious and driven, but during this tragic time she has drawn great strength from the positive and powerful energy, love and compassion of people.  Visitors: families, acquaintances, work colleagues, fitness fanatics, school buddies, neighbourhood pals, ….FRIENDS….

True Friends Strengthen and Help Each Other
Ecclesiastes 4:9–12
Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. (NLT)


A VERY BIG note of appreciation to Jane Roos and her husband Conrad for opening up their gorgeous Gallery on November 29th for a spectacular evening of art and friendship. Thanks also to a very special group of women called the MINOES (mother in need of entertainment) who have found the key to “happiness in the hood” and hosted a fantastic night of fun and fellowship Thursday December 1st.


I asked Abby today if it was OK if we didn’t put up a Christmas tree this year. I know how much she loves the tree, the ornaments and the amazing smell. I felt guilty. I explained that I just didn’t have it in me to take on this task. She paused and then she said “it’s OK Mom, the tree doesn’t actually matter.”  Of course! She was right, the tree doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are all together and Tracy is alive and every day we should be grateful for small miracles each day.


Words cannot express our sincere appreciation. Here is a growing but not inclusive list of those we wish to acknowledge and express thanks to:

  • Crestwood Preparatory College and all of Christian’s teachers
  • Peter DeMarco of Demarco Peprich Canada’s leading florist
  • Super-start realtor Carol Anne Warrington for taking care of the sale of Tracy’s home and providing a full commission deduction
  • Michael Kalles from Harvey Kalles Real Estate for graciously returning the company’s commission on the sale of Tracy’s home
  • Uptown Landscaping – Daron Robertson and his team of green thumbs for looking after Tracy’s house
  • Greg Clees at Clees Catering and team of foodies
  • Suzanne Martin – Speech Language Pathologist
  • Robyn’s Cookies makes of Toronto’s best chocolate chip cookie
  • Bedford Park School Moms
  • Stevie Krupski and Silvia Prime
  • Victoria Williams
  • Snowhawks – Heather and Mitch and their amazing ski and snowboard school
  • The incredibly talented Jane Roos of Jane Roos Gallery for a beautiful art-filled fund raiser
  • Track Fitness for hosting a great spin fund raiser
  • Moksha Yoga Uptown for sharing their studio for a sweat and spin fund raiser
  • Pure Fitness and Deirdre Casey aka Irongirl for a fantastic spin fund raiser
  • Extreme Fitness and VP Jaqueline Walters for their continued support and ongoing fund raising
  • MINOES for a very touching and heartfelt fund raiser
  • Milton Davis and the team at Davis Moldaver LLP
  • Sue Henderson from Suetables and her beautiful necklace fund raising effort
  • Mike Bullard and his team at Newstalk1010 for turning his show into a laugh-filled benefit for Tracy
  • Rick Hansen and his 25th Anniversary Relay Team for including Tracy in the Toronto leg of the relay
  • Craigleith Ski Club for supporting our family
  • Michael Carmichael from CityBuick for incredible spin fundraiser for Tracy at his dealership
  • 11x Ironman champ Lisa Bentley for leading CityBuick Spin for Tracy and for  reaching out to so many of her friends and clients

Love and joy, les 🙂 xo


I Wish I’d Never Met You


First of all a HUGE shout out of THANKS to Deirdre + all the “spinners” at PURE FITNESS yesterday!!! What an awesome fundraiser with truly special, loving & generous people.


On November 15th we were all invited to a “family meeting” at Lyndhurst in the morning. We weren’t told very much – other than it would be an opportunity to have all of Tracy’s medical and therapy “team” around the table in one room. Lynn, Mom, Dad, Robert, myself & Tracy of course – all cleared our calendars and prepared our questions and notes for the big day.

Finally, we would have an opportunity to discuss the many questions, challenges and struggles in a mediated and managed forum with professionals giving us input and collaborating on the solutions. Sounds great, doesn’t it?? HA!! Well, what actually happened was not what we had anticipated – what actually happened was a very formal and rigid – 30 minutes – of each professional around the table stating the facts about Tracy’s entrée to Lyndhurst and their prognosis relative to their line of work.  There was physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, psychology, nursing, recreational therapy, Dr. “B”and Dr. Judy. Dr B lead the meeting and it was at a fast pace. There wasn’t much time for questions or interactions as it was made very clear that there was another family coming in at exactly the 30 minute mark!!

It was a whirlwind – disappointing to say the least. We felt ripped off. My poor mother just wanted to say something at the end and was cut off as she sobbed an incredibly heartfelt “thank you.” The real goal of the meeting wasn’t for “us” but for them to give us “the date” – of Tracy’s discharge. The actual purpose seemed to be for them to check all the proper bureaucratic “boxes,” and communicate the date that we should be ready to assume Tracy’s care!


On Tuesday November 22nd Tracy had an appointment with Dr. Dacosta at Sunnybrook Hospital. He is the neurosurgeon who operated on Tracy’s neck and spine the day after her accident – the person responsible for “putting Humpty back together again.”

I volunteered to go with Tracy to Sunnybrook to meet with Dr. D, because I knew she wanted to start at the beginning. She wanted to see all the scans and xrays that we had seen pre-op, post-op and now. She was on a mission to educate herself on her spinal injury. To gain some understanding and figure out why she’s favouring her left side? Was her head on an angle because of the surgery? Would another operation fix it? What was the deal? We finished getting her ready to go that morning and got into the Dignity ‘van’.

We first went to the Xray clinic because they wanted to take another xray of her neck  After that we made our way to Dr. Dacosta’s office – which by the way has two sets of doors WITHOUT handicapped buttons or automatic door openers!?? Huh? He called us into his cramped quarters and gave us his FULL attention. He listened, replied and interacted with Tracy with admiration. I could tell he was amazed, maybe even in awe of her. He shared the details about the hardware holding Tracy’s neck together.

There are 8 screws/bolts – 4 on each side of the front of her neck with a bar going horizontally across the middle section. On the back there is a plate going vertically holding the graft from her hip in place between the vertebrae. He went on to explain just how badly torn and ripped apart her muscles and tendons in her neck had been, and how difficult it was to put her back together again. He seemed to marvel at the fact that she is breathing on her own. It became clear that he did not want to operate again. The risks are way too high. She would need to focus and work through the pain in her neck and start building up strength in her right side. He reminded her that she’d been lying in a hospital bed for the past 2 months and even an able-bodied person would need time to rejuvenate the muscles and work to gain strength. She should be patient.

She was unbelievable during this appointment. Just before we got up to leave, she said “thank you for saving my life,”  to which he replied “I wish I’d never met you.”


Where to live? Sell, buy, renovate, build… stay or go? So many questions and so many decisions. Have you ever thought about the considerations and accommodations needed for a wheelchair? And then, take that one step further and think about the added accommodations or technology needed for someone in a wheelchair who cannot use their arms or hands? Imagine the myriad of simple tasks that become overwhelming feats. And then layer that with 3 young boys who want and need mothering, nurturing, discipline and care…Now add that to the mix!! I know in my heart that we will work through all of this and find the solution, and Tracy will continue to amaze and inspire us all.


Christmas is fast approaching – the stores, TV, magazines, radio, and advertisements are all telling us to shop, buy and spend on “gifts.” This Christmas has taken on new meaning for our family. I definitely don’t have the same motivation to buy “things.” I seem to be questioning what it’s all about. Is it really about the “stuff?”  If you knew you could ask for any gift this Christmas – anything you wanted, what would it be? My response today would be much different than it would have been in Christmases past. Today if you asked me that same question…. I promise I wouldn’t be greedy and ask for Tracy to be able walk, or to rewind the clock and take away her injuries. I would say “please God give Tracy strength, courage, peace and hope” …I might say “please let her have some movement in her hands, or her arms” … “please let her find happiness and purpose again.” Those are some of the “gifts” I might ask for today. This Christmas celebrate the “gifts” we all take for granted every day.


Reality Check at Lyndhurst

Tracy’s first week at Lyndhurst started with an amublance ride from Sunnybrook Hospital. It was a dopey drowsy entrance on Monday October 17th,  followed by high fever and a urinary tract infection, mystery meals, introductions to therapists, psychologists, doctors and nurses, a tour, a new daily routine and many more “firsts.”

Among the many things that I want to share with you, the most important of them is the impact that being in a facility geared to spinal cord injured patients has had on Tracy, and all of us. Everywhere you look there are wheelchairs – most of them have people in them, but there are some sitting in hallways, some motorized, some stand-up, some manual, …all kinds of wheelchairs. They are everywhere you look. “It” doesn’t escape you. Everyone of these people has a story to tell. They are all recovering from injuries of various kinds.

But the most poignant of comments from my sweet sister is one that she made today while being interviewed by a very kind reporter from CBC News named Natalie Kalata. In a very powerful conversation she had a tearful moment and said, “all I want to be able to do is to brush my hair out of my eyes, to hug my kids, to feed myself, to be able to use my hands!” What she didn’t say to Natalie but has shared with others this week, is that she is resentful of the “parapeligics.” She has assessed the situation at Lyndhurst and has seen that the majority of patients are paralyzed from the waist down. How lucky they are, right? Interesting that we would think this way, isn’t it? Sadly, it all becomes relative. Relative to not being able to move any part of your body from your neck down. Hands!? Just hands.

The Power of Yoga – Namaste to Moksha Yoga Uptown!

This morning the amazing members like Holly & Kelly, and the staff like Daniel, Paul and Anna at Moksha Yoga Uptown hosted a hot yoga/pilates fundraiser class for Tracy. I have to confess that I wasn’t much feeling up to it, as yesterday when I visited with Tracy we didn’t have the best exchange. She seemed angry and mean, and I was hurt and felt sorry for myself and unappreciated. But I went to the class this morning because I wanted to say Thank You!  What I didn’t expect was the love and compassion that overpowered me while in a VERY hot room with people I barely know. As I went through the motions of the poses and flows, I experienced waves of emotions – sadness, anger, joy, sadness again and in the end an awesome sense of  hope and peace.  The energy of the people in the room today filled me up with the courage and strength to believe and move forward. I left behind the hurt and disappointment.

Stay tuned

Natalie Kalata is a journalist who works for CBC News and learned of Tracy’s accident from her producer Allen. Allen works out at Extreme Fitness Dunfield Club and saw the posters for Tracy’s fundraiser class on November 4th, and realized this was a story that needed to be told. Natalie met me at the Moksha studio this morning and then followed me to Lyndhurst to speak with Tracy. Natalie was patient and compassionate. She is to be commended for her ability to “connect” with Tracy while asking some very tough questions. But reporters are human too, and Tracy’s heartfelt retelling and responses had Natalie immersed in the emotion of the moment.  She paused the camera to wipe away both her tears and Tracy’s. She thanked Tracy and reaffirmed what we all already know. She said “Tracy, your strength and resilience is unbelievable. You are inspiring. Thank you for speaking with me today.” The story will air on CBC news Monday October 24th at 6pm and 11pm. We’ll also post a link to the online story once it goes live on the CBC News website.

Lights, Camera and Action

I too thanked Tracy for allowing me to barge into her room unannounced and ask her to do an interview this morning. You see, I was afraid that she might decline, since we had not prepped her for this and it was last minute. Not Tracy! This the best part of today’s blog. Tracy said to us. “I loved being in front of the camera, tell Natalie to come back and do part two when I’m home for Christmas. In fact, come back anytime as it makes me feel special and important!” Classic Tracy.


1. JOIN US – Group Fitness Fundraiser for Tracy – Dunfield Club – Friday November 4th, 9:30 – 10:30 am Sign up

2. VISIT TRACY wants VISITORS!!  Especially weekends. Click here to sign up

3. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2

4. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599. You can also write a cheque addressed to Joan Dort (in trust for Tracy Kyne) and mail it to the address above on Ranleigh.

Remember to cherish every breath and every movement! Think of Tracy the next time you brush your hair out of your eyes or away from your face. And please share Tracy’s story by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook buttons below.

Luv, Les

47 Days

Tracy will leave Sunnybrook tomorrow to begin rehab at The Lyndhurst Centre of Toronto Rehab. It was 47 days ago that fateful night that I was informed she would likely spend several months at Sunnybrook, and that we should prepare for a long stay in critical care, intensive care and the neuro ward. If you recall several posts ago when Tracy was having difficulty being removed from the breathing machine so she could have the tracheotomy, I said to her “…this is your new race Trace, I know it’s not the one you wanted but it’s the one you’ve got to win now…” , and she did just that. She was breathing on her own not long afterwards, and has been eating solid foods for over a week now. This tenacity is why she is going to Lyndhurst tomorrow!

Princess and the Pea

Tracy has been on an air bed since she moved into the C5 neuro ward a couple of weeks ago. The bed is designed to help prevent bed sores. While it has been very beneficial to have her on this bed, it has come with some trials and tribulations. Recently Tracy has been very sensitive and experiencing autonomic dysreflexia. Autonomic dysreflexia is a condition that develops after spinal cord injury in which potentially life-threatening episodic hypertension is triggered by stimulation of sensory nerves in the body below the site of injury. Her feet, feet, legs and hands are all hypersensitive. The neurosurgeon has been in to speak to Tracy about what is happening to her, as she has been very uncomfortable with these sensations. She can “feel” bumps and lumps underneath and around her – some that are real and some that are not. Her feet and hands are starting to contract and her muscles are tightening. “The Princess on the Pea” is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a young woman whose royal identity is established by a test of her physical sensitivity. The Queen wanted to test the princess.  They knew that she was a real princess because she had felt the pea right through the twenty mattresses and the twenty eider-down beds beneath her.

Our Tracy is the Princess at Sunnybrook.

Thank You

Thank you to all those who “rode for Tracy” this morning in Collingwood. A special note of gratitude to Alan Lo for organizing.

  1. VISIT: Visiting hours Monday to Friday 4pm to 9pm and weekends 11am to 9pm. She will really need visitors on weekends at Lyndhurst. Send an Email with “Visit Tracy”in the subject line
  2. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON M4N 1X2
  3. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.
  4. FUNDRAISER: BREATHE & MOVE for TRACY – Sunday October 23rd – 10:00 am (90 mins) Moksha Yoga Uptown To register email: Holly hchapman@astral.com
  5. FUNDRAISER: Group Fitness at the DUNFIELD Club – Friday November 4th – 3 group fitness classes – stay tuned for more details.
Find the joy in each day!


Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Please bookmark www.tracydortkyne.com as we’ll be posting future updates here.
  2. TRACY wants VISITORS!! – Send an Email with “Visit Tracy”in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. Tracy is enjoying all her visits. Let’s keep ‘em coming! It’s great for her spirits.
  3. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON M4N 1X2
  4. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.
  5. FUNDRAISING RIDE for TRACY – Sunday October 16th – 9:00am- Meet at Fisher Field in Collingwood – For more info: Alan Lo cyclefitoakville@hotmail.com
  6. FUNDRAISING BREATHE & MOVE for TRACY – Sunday October 23rd – 10:00 am (90 mins) Moksha Yoga Uptown To register email: Holly hchapman@astral.com

SOooo MUCH GRATITUDE – THANK YOU to everyone at TRACK Fitness and all the amazing “spinners” for raising almost $10,000 for Tracy on Thursday night!!! Truly remarkable!

5 STAGES – I want to explain why I haven’t written for a while, and my incredible husband Robert has been keeping you updated with his posts. The truth is that I was angry. I know – How selfish of me, right? But, one of my good friends reminded me the other day that Tracy and our whole family will experience the “Five Stages of Grief” – and likely not at all at the same time. According Kubler Ross these 5 stages are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Indeed my friend was right. We are all grieving the loss of the life Tracy had, and the life we had. The active mother, daughter, friend, sister, workout fanatic that she used to be! Why was I angry?

ANGRY – I was angry because I didn’t understand why she had to train for such a big race on a road that is a mountain. I was angry because our family is exhausted. I was angry because I didn’t feel she was appreciative. I was angry because I felt that she put her fitness first. I was angry because she left us sorting out and organizing many of her affairs. I was angry because hers was not a simple straightforward life. I was angry because the boys have already been through so much and don’t deserve any more traumas. I was angry because (…and this part I’m embarrassed to admit…) my life is not my own anymore, and never will be – and every minute of every day we are all thinking about Tracy’s care, Tracy’s kids, Tracy’s needs and Tracy’s future.

MOM – And then my Mom hit the wall and was sick late last week, and my selfish anger started to fade away as I realized how very lucky I am, and how much more I needed to step up. In a quiet moment – I reflected about it – not from my selfish angry sister perspective – but from a Mom’s perspective. What would it be like for me if it was my Abby lying in that hospital bed with no way to scratch her nose? No way to brush her own teeth? No way to brush her hair? No way to ever hug again? No way to write her own name? No way to lift a cup of water? ….no way … no way …NO WAY…. !!!! I couldn’t even think about it!!

So, I took over the early morning shift that Mom’s been doing all along, and spent Saturday morning with Tracy for her wake up routine. She was cranky and in pain, but she guided myself and the nurse through her morning rituals – brush her hair, move her up, move her over, adjust her pillow (but please take off your gloves! – the silicone gloves catch and pull her hair, and not all the nurses are obliging of this request if you can believe it!!?), wash her face, give her meds, brush her teeth, give her water (one that’s cold to swish, one that’s room temp to drink because it hurts too much to swallow when it’s icy cold), move her feet over etc etc.. We worked together and as I did all this, my anger was washed away by compassion.

TIME TO EAT – On this Thanksgiving Sunday ….just imagine not having eaten or chewed food in over a month!? Tracy’s first full official day with a “regular menu” was yesterday – so, as one would expect on Saturday morning she didn’t have much of an appetite and we had to take the tray away. But later that day she had a bit of soup for lunch, and then for dinner a little of Lynn’s homemade lemon chicken. Yay! Except today is not a good day and she’s not terribly interested in eating today. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!

As you share prayers of gratitude this Thanksgiving weekend, please do give praise for the food, but also remember to give praise for the smaller things – the things we all take for granted – the ability to – raise a fork to your mouth, wipe your lips with a napkin, bring yourself to the table, set the table, lick your fingers with pie on them, hold hands in prayer, pick up the dishes to clear the table ….

Every day we learn a new lesson. It’s what we do with it that changes us!

Much love and a huge amount of appreciation!

Les xo

A Month Without Eating Real Food

Mack (Tracy’s Dad) and I went to see Tracy earlier today. It was his first time having to deal with Tracy’s morning routine of face washing, followed by tooth and hair brushing and lastly some face cream. Tracy knows how she likes things done and if you’re not up to snuff she’ll let you have it. While it may have taken two us, I think we did alright.

Tracy’s trache was permanently removed yesterday and she’s completely breathing on her own. That’s fantastic news and another key milestone in her recovery. Her Doctors had warned us just three weeks ago that she would likely be on a mechanical ventilator for the rest of her life.

And today was another really important milestone in her progress at Sunnybrook — the swallow test. It’s been over a month since Tracy has eaten any real food. Ever since her accident, Tracy has been fed through a tube in her nose. While Mack and I were there, Tracy’s speech pathologist came to see her. He examined her and then proceeded to take Tracy through a series of swallow tests. First a teaspoon of water. Next a sip from a straw. Then it was onto applesauce and fruit salad, and lastly a couple of biscuits to which Tracy declared, “they’re stale.”  The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and at the end of it the Doctor declared that she was ready to start eating regular food again. When the nurse asked if she had any food allergies or preferences for lunch, Tracy said, “I’d prefer not to eat hospital food.”

So Mark McEwan, if you’re reading this, can you get on that please. Sounds like Tracy would prefer an order of Lobster Poutine from Bymark to a couple of slices of Wonder Bread with a piece of process cheese.

Lesley was at Track Fitness yesterday to support their two-hour Spin for Tracy fund raiser. Amazingly, they raised about $10,000 for the Trust Account. Thank you to everyone that sweated their asses off last night. We all know that Tracy loved to train hard and she would been screaming at everyone in the room to go for it…


Tracy Meets her Hero

His name is Mike Hermanovsky. He is a 21 year old young man attending Sir Wilfred Laurier University and in his free time he is the Ontario downhill mountain bike champ! Yesterday he visited with Tracy – meeting her for the second time. It’s the kind of stuff that movies are made of!

Who is Mike? He is the kind of person we all want our children to grow up to be like. He represents a kind of humanity that the world seems to be missing.

He didn’t keep going that day, as many did.

He didn’t hesitate or stand still, as many did.

He didn’t decide it was someone else’s responsibility, as others did.

He did stop and take notice. He did stay and help. He did stabilize her neck. He did talk to her. He did find out her name was Tracy. And, most importantly he cared! If you haven’t already you need to read Mike’s thoughts on his experience helping Tracy that day.

He is Tracy’s hero. They chatted for a while, and toward the end of the visit she said “Too bad this happened, because I really would have like you to teach me how to mountain bike, that was next on my list”. They talked about fitness and work outs, about how and where he found her, about school, about his future plans, and of course Tracy asked him if he had a girlfriend! It was like any other conversation between friends, but this one was much more significant. A connection was made on Sunday September 4th – a bond like no other – it was kismet!

How’s Tracy Doing

She’s already defied many of the odds. She is getting ahead in this new “race” of hers. She is breathing on her own during the day, and the respiratory therapist told us she may even lose the trache altogether by next week. She was moved into the “ward” (C5). No more intensive care unit. She has her own private room with a big window and lots of privacy. It’s easier to sleep at night, but it’s harder to get the attention of the nursing staff. The ratio of nurses to patient is 1 nurse to every 6 patients. They are busy and priorities are determined by biggest need. So, we decided to hire a “PSW” (nurse’s aide) to be with Tracy overnight.  Everyone rests easier with this extra help.

Today Tracy stated that she’ll be at Lyndhurst in two weeks. She is determined. She has some challenges to overcome before she gets there and many more after that, but we all believe in her! Mom attributes her strength and success to the many prayer groups and personal prayers going straight to Heaven.


  1. WRITE – the old fashioned way – to Tracy. She doesn’t get to read your Caringbridge or Facebook posts. Send cards, notes and pictures to ATTN: Tracy Kyne c/o Lynn Pang, 121 RANLEIGH AVE, TORONTO ON  M4N 1X2
  2. GIVE –You can donate online with PayPal or visit any CIBC branch and tell them you’d like to make a donation in Trust for Tracy Dort Kyne to this account: #00002 / 60-47599.
  3. VISIT – Email Lynn at lynn@panger.ca with VISIT TRACY in the subject line to schedule a visit to see Tracy in the hospital – include a few days and times that work for you. And remember it’s a “working visit”, not a sit around and read a magazine kind of visit.
  4. SPIN FOR TRACY  – Thursday, October 6th – 7:00pm – 9:00pm Reserve your spot with Monica at TRACK Fitness
  5. RIDE for TRACY – Sunday October 16th – 9:00am– Meet at Fisher Field  in Collingwood –For more info: Alan Lo cyclefitoakville@hotmail.com
  6. GRATITUDE – Thank you to all her visitors. Thank you for the cards. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the food, the drives, the calls and the prayers. Thank you!